Israel 'hopes for early stabilization' in Egypt

Israeli Ambassador to Russia Dorit Golender


Feb 01 (KATAKAMI / RIA NOVOSTI) — Israel hopes the situation in Egypt will stabilize soon, Israeli Ambassador to Russia Dorit Golender said on Tuesday.

“Egypt is Israel’s foremost partner in the region,” she said. “So it is, without a doubt, important for our country that the political situation in Egypt stabilizes as soon as possible.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier expressed hope that the political crisis in Egypt would not affect the peace accords between the two states, and also warned about the threat of radical Islamists coming to power.

Thousands of opposition supporters are gathering on Cairo’s central Tahrir Square for a major demonstration seen as the biggest challenge so far to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak three-decade rule. The opposition has claimed the protest will involve a “million people” angered with Mubarak’s non-democratic policies and demanding major political reforms in the country.

Although sporadic clashes between protesters and supporters of the ruling National Democratic Party have been reported since the outbreak of the protests on January 25, the latter have so far refrained from large-scale demonstrations despite the fact that the ruling party involves some 3.5 million members.

The unrest in the country, which has already claimed the lives of at least 150 people and injured some 4,000, is likely to turn even more violent if clashes break out between Mubarak supporters and protesters.  (*)


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