Obama trying to stop anti-US demonstration in Egypt

President Barack Obama


Feb 01, Cairo (KATAKAMI.COM / ANTARA/IRNA-OANA) – The Obama administration is continuing lobbying with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his deputy Omar Suleiman to stop anti-US demonstrations in Egyptian cities including Cairo.

According to the latest reports available, Mubarak`s numerous sessions with ranking military officials as well as the direct contacts made by US President Barack Obama have been continuing till this morning to find any kind of way possible to prevent the millions-strong demonstrations from turning into a rally against the US and the Zionist regime.

The concern is due to reports by some Egyptian intelligence officials who said yesterday that there was a strong possibility of seeing the flags of the US and the Zionist regime torched during the Tuesday demonstrations by the Egyptian public.

There are also possibilities that the continuing unrest in the country would lead to attacks on the US embassy and American citizens by the angry crowds.

Political observers believe the Egyptian nation`s demonstration is rapidly gaining new dimensions and momentum giving rise to speculations that the preserving of the Mubarak regime is no longer a priority with the Washington officials.

The latest decisions by the US administration to evacuate its citizens from Egypt indicates the high concerns on the part of the US officials about the fact that the millions-strong demonstration in Egypt is adopting slogans against the US and Israel.

A Cairo citizen, introducing himself as Abdullah, said people have reached the conclusion that the US is stopping Mubarak from leaving his post and as such is confronting the will of the Egyptian nation.

Latest news from Cairo have it that the army commanders have been ordered to use violent methods against the public if demonstrations develop a new face by adopting anti-US moves.

Egypt, particularly during the Mubarak rule, has been a strategic US ally in the region.(*)



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