PM Netanyahu’s Statement at the Meeting with Bible Quiz Contestants



Thank you Major Malachi Rabad,
Chief Education Officer, Eli Shermeister,
Members of the Board,
Boys and girls from across and country and around the world – who came from many different countries to be with us,
And hello to you, Avner [the PM’s son],

I haven’t seen you over the past few days, but I know all the participants have been together at camp, studying hard but also venturing forth to travel the country, the landscapes of the Bible.  When touring Jerusalem, there is no doubt that it is a biblical city.  In fact, the Bible is the book of the life of the people of Israel.  It is a living story.

I read the Bible – I must admit with the encouragement of Avner and more recently with his guidance – once a week, usually on Saturday.

Just the other day I read one of the most wonderful stories ever written – the story of Joseph and his brothers.

After that, I read the Book of Judges with the terrible stories about the struggles between the Tribes of Israel that almost brought about our end.

After that – right before Holocaust Remembrance Day – I read Isaiah and his comforting prophecies.  They are not only comforting for all of humanity, but for the people of Israel in its homeland.

Within two days of reading, one family – Jacob’s family – separated and came together in the comfort of redemption here in Israel.  It’s all there: the book of life of the people of Israel, the story of life of the people of Israel, the language of life of the people of Israel – it’s all in the Bible.

We are in the middle of a process of encouraging and strengthening Bible studies.  This is an idea that the first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, believed in.  It is an idea I believe in.  It is an idea we are implementing in Israel, and I am pleased that it seems to have caught on overseas as well.  It is important that you become more familiar with the Bible, study it and that you think about it day and night.

This is an important sign for you and for the people that you are here at the Bible Quiz.  All of you who are here are Bible champions.

You cannot get this far without immersing yourselves in the story of your people.

That is why I want to congratulate you here in Jerusalem – I wish you great success.

I have no doubt that you will continue learning even after the Quiz for the Bible is the foundation upon which we all stand.

Congratulations and much success


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