Obama calls coach, praises Butler’s NCAA performance

President Barack Obama talks to Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who led Duke to win the NCAA Men’s Division One Basketball Championship, in the Oval Office, April 6, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

WASHINGTON — The Butler Bulldogs may not have  won the NCAA title, but they might get to shoot  hoops with the president.

President Barack Obama called coach Brad Stevens  this afternoon and spoke to the players by  speakerphone. Obama told the Bulldogs they played  a great game and he hopes to shoot hoops with  them sometime, according to White House  spokesman Robert Gibbs.

The call came after Obama congratulated Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and told him the White   House lawn “can hold all the Crazies,” Gibbs said  on the social media site Twitter. The Cameron
Crazies is the name of the team’s student supporters.

Duke beat Butler 61-59 Monday night in a final NCAA matchup that few had predicted.


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